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The PMHS has published a book and issues six issues of PM Tracks magazine annually.

PM Tracks

PM Tracks is the newsletter of the PMHS.

Issue 116
Published July, 2018



The State of the Pere Marquette Historical Society by Fritz Milhaupt
An assessment of the condition of the Society in 2018 and the efforts being undertaken to turn things around.


Photo-Packed Down by the Mill features PM-Served Mills and Elevators - review by Fritz Milhaupt
A review of David Hanks' photo book, Down by the Mill, with an emphasis on those mills and elevators served by the PM..


Port Huron & Northwestern Locomotive Undergoing Cosmetic Restoration
The D.B. Harrington, the sole surviving locomotive from a narrow gauge PM predecessor is being restored by students at St. Clair County Community College.


Ex-PM Indiana Line Dispute Resolved by Fritz Milhaupt
The battle between the Chesapeake & Indiana and the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum has been brought to an end.

    The Railroad That Nobody Wanted Gets Shot Down by Fritz Milhaupt
How and why the proposed Great Lakes Basin
's plan for building a belt railroad in Indiana, Illinois to bypass Chicago, using ex-PM right-of-way in places, was rejected by the Surface Transportation Board.


The C&O's Pioneering RoadRailers by Fritz Milhaupt
An abbreviated history of the development and service life of the C&O's innovative Roadrailers, used primarily in Michigan.

    Walthers' First C&O George Washington Cars Released
Cars from this Walthers name train set have uses for modeling PM and C&O passenger trains in Michigan.
    2018 NCR NMRA Convention to Feature Reprise of Presentation on Modeling PM/C&O Passenger Trains
At the 2018 NCR NMRA Regional Convention, being held Oct. 11-14 in Lansing, Michigan, Fritz Milhaupt will present his clinic on modeling the equipment of the PM and C&O passenger trains in Michigan.
    Smokebox Graphics Provides Solution for HO PM Freight Car Decal Concerns
Michigan decal company Smokebox Graphics has released a well-executed comprehensive decal set to letter HO scale PM freight cars and cabooses.


A Pere Marquette Album
Photos from the PMHS Archives and the Editor's collection, include the Chatham engine house and Chatham passenger depot, snowplow SP-21, scale test car Z-3, MK-class mikado 1003, ex-PM C&O boxcar SB-305 at Owosso, C&O ex-PM 2-8-0 #764 switchign alongside collier Alexander Leslie at Erieau, and the Resort Special at Petoskey in 1950..


Issue 117
Published July, 2019



From the Editor's Desk by Fritz Milhaupt
An introduction to the Letter from the President, included as a separate page with this issue, calling for a members' meeting and election of an interim Board of Directors.


The PMHS' Archive
The PMHS Archive has moved across the state. This article provides an overview of what it contains.


The PM's Perforated Lining Boxcars by Al Kresse
A look at the three series of 50-foot boxcars the PM had with perforated linings to support straps or bars to hold lading in place.

    Follow-Up to the Tale of the Valley Queen by Fritz Milhaupt
While moving the PMHS Archive, we came across the camera-ready artwork for a newspaper ad the C&O ran to explain why it wanted to discontinue its Detroit-Bay City passenger trains.
    Lansing's Much-Traveled MA Tower Finally Secure in a New Home by Fritz Milhaupt
A look at the tower formerly at Michigan Avenue in Lansing, at its new home at the Lansing Model Railroad Club and under restoration.
    Grand Rapids' Pleasant Street Tower Razed by Fritz Milhaupt
Some photos and observations on the demolition of brick structure in the shadow of US-131.
    Walthers' Last HO George Washington Car Release and the PM
A look at how the RPO-baggage car and the dorm-diner-lounge car.can be used to model passenger equipment used on the former PM.

A Pere Marquette Album
Photos from the PMHS Archives and the Editor's collection, including a Pere Marquette streamliner being rerailed following a derailment at Fox Siding, the Bayport depot, the depot at Erwin Junction, SC-class 2-8-0 #911 with water tender WS-98, a builder's photo of boxcar #93499 in white paint, and a view of Rockwell Street Yard in Chicago


Issue 118
Published January, 2020



From the Editor's Desk by Fritz Milhaupt
A look back at what the Society accomplished in 2019 and explanation of the most recent delays in publishing PM Tracks.


A Message From the President by T.J. Gaffney
The Society's interim President explains his vision for the Society's future and acknowledges the difficulties we have had in recent years.

    Meet the New Board of Directors
The members of our interim Board of Directors introduce themselves.

The PMHS Has A New Mailing Address
From now on, please contact us at our new mailing address: P.O. Box 233, Perry, Michigan, 48872-0233

    PMHS Annual Conferences to Resume in 2020
On September 19, 2020, we will hold the 2020 PMHS Conference at Comstock Inn in Owosso, Michigan, with a full program and a visit to the Steam Railroading Institute.


Book Review: C&O Railway Series #24 - Pere Marquette 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotives - review by Elly Wefel
Elly offers his opinion of Jim Kehn's volume on the PM Berkshires, published by the C&O Historical Society.

    It Seemed Like a Good Idea: How a 40 Mile Michigan Railroad Became the Biggest Historic Bond Scam by Paul Trap
The bonds of a 40-mile stretch of a Pere Marquette predecessor with a complex history emerge approximately a century later, as the focal point of a very large swindle.
    Rapido Trains to Release PM Boxcars in HO
Rapido Train's coming release of USRA double-sheathed boxcars will include cars lettered for the PM.
    Start-Up Company Announces Plans to Produce Needed PM Boxcar in HO
A new company plans to release the PM's 89350-series 40-foot single-sheathed boxcars as part of a series of cars in HO scale.


A Pere Marquette Album
Photos from the PMHS Archives and the Editor's collection, including the Saginaw roundhouse under construction, the cinder pit at Saginaw, turning a steam locomotive on the armstrong turntable in Muskegon, a crew kitchen car, the joint PM-GTW depot at Clifford, the station track throat at Fort Street Union Depot, the depot near Ottawa Yard at Erie, and the RIP track at Detroit.



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