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Updated: 27-JAN-2023
The books listed below contain prototype information useful to the PM enthusiast and the PM modeler. These, coupled with articles in back-issues of PM Tracks and PM Rails and the Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Magazine provide a good base of information on the Pere Marquette and were useful in assembling this guide.

Since this is a "work in progress", if you know of any other books that we have overlooked here which contain significant amounts of information about the Pere Marquette, please let us know via e-mail to .


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Lake Michigan's Railroad Car Ferries by Karl R. Zimmerman
(Andover Junction, 1993). This book describes the carferry operations of the PM/C&O, Ann Arbor, and Mackinac Transportation Co. Black and white and color photos. At $24.95, it's pretty expensive for a 64-page softcover book, but does contain some never-before published photos, and nicely fills in the gap between Hilton's 1962 book and the present, although Zimmerman goes into less nautical detail. Zimmerman does a better job of describing the passenger services and accommodations, and includes interior photos I have not seen elsewhere.

Locomotive and Railway Preservation, Issue 42, July-August 1993
(Interurban Press, 1993). The Preservation News column in this issue is devoted to the various PM structures and equipment being preserved by historical groups in Michigan. The efforts of the Michigan State Trust for Historical Railway Preservation (Project 1225), the Bluewater Chapter NRHS (Saginaw Roundhouse), Number 1223 Preservation Committee of the Tri-Cities Historical Society (#1223), Saginaw Depot Preservation Corporation (Potter Street Depot, Saginaw) and the Saginaw Railway Museum (Hemlock depot) are described. This article covers 14 pages.
Locomotive Quarterly, Volume XIV, Winter 1990
(Metaphor, 1990). Nearly half of this edition of Locomotive Quarterly is devoted to photographs of PM steam power. Fair treatment is given to nearly every class of locomotive, from the Atlantics and Moguls to the Berkshires. Out of print, but available from the publisher.

Locomotive Quarterly, Volume XXVIII Number 3, Spring 2005
(Metaphor, 2005). The steam locomotives of the Manistee & North Eastern are featured in a fourteen page series of photos from the Cornelius Houck collection. This is the largest single group of M&NE photos published in one place, with nineteen black and white photos.

Ludington’s Carferries– The Rise, Decline & Rebirth of a Great Lakes Fleet
(Ludington Daily News, 1997). This 127-page book chronicles the history of the Pere Marquette, C&O and Chessie System carferries, as well as the companies that have succeeded them since the 1980s. Light on text, but strong on photos. This is a limited printing. Available for $39.95 (plus $3.50 postage/packaging) from The Daily News, P.O. Box 340, Ludington, MI 49431. Bob Vande Vusse reviewed this book in the March, 1998 issue of PM Tracks.

The Men Who Styled Streamliners, Part 2, Railfan and Railroad, January, 1985
(Carstens, 1985). In this second part of Jim Boyd's exploration of EMD's Engineering Department Styling Section, the paint scheme used on the PM's E-7s is briefly described. Includes a color photo of a rendering of EMD's first proposal for these units. The prototype photo they use to illustrate the scheme the PM ultimately used is unfortunate in that it is pretty much a nose-on shot, which doesn't adequately show the side of the unit. In addition, it is a unit in the hybrid PM/C&O post-merger scheme.
More Classic Trains by Arthur Dubin
(Kalmbach, 1974). A brief section in this book covers the Pere Marquettes, but offers no information that cannot be found elsewhere. Reprinted in the mid-1990s.

The Official Pullman Standard Library, Volume 11 - Mid-Atlantic Railroads
(Railway Production Classics, 1992). This volume contains photos and drawings of all major types of streamlined cars delivered by Pullman Standard to the C&O and PM. This includes the 1946 Pere Marquette streamliners and the supplemental cars ordered by the C&O. Several of the photos are the builder's photos that also appear in Chesapeake & Ohio Lightweight Passenger Equipment 1946-1971, although the reproduction is considerably better here.

Pere Marquette 1225 by T.J. Gaffney and Dean Pyers
(Arcadia Publishing, 2014). The story of the only operable PM steam locomotive, and more. This book covers the construction of the PM Berkshires, includes photos of all of the PM's Berkshires, and tells the story of 1225's return to service. If you are interested in PM steam, Superpower steam, or specifically the 1225 and the people behind its restoration, then this is an essential volume.

Pere Marquette 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotives by Jim Kehn
(COHS, 2019). The twenty-fourth volume in the Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society's Chesapeake & Ohio Railway History Series focuses on the PM's 39 Lima-built Berkshires, from their construction through the donation of numbers 1223 and 1225 after their retirement. Jim also compares various features of the PM's locomotives to those of similar 2-8-4s owned by the C&O, NKP and the Virginian.

Pere Marquette - A Michigan Railroad System Before 1900 by Graydon M. Meints
(Michigan State University Press, 2020). The 1900 merger of the Chicago & West Michigan, the Detroit, Lansing & Northern, and the Flint & Pere Marquette formed the Pere Marquette, each road was formed of a number of smaller roads over the preceding decades. This is the story of those railroads and the men who built them, presented in a thorough, and thoroughly-enjoyable volume by the foremost author of Michigan railroad history.
The Pere Marquette in 1945 (first printing)
(COHS, 1990). This reprint of a booklet of operating and physical data issued by the PM in 1945 covers the state of the railroad, including lists of customers, a route breakdown with car loading statistics and abbreviated financial statements. Photos from the COHS's collection enhance this book. Out of print, but may still be available from some dealers.

The Pere Marquette in 1945 (second printing)
(COHS, 2010). This volume is a signficantly improved reprinting of The Pere Marquette in 1945, that has been cleaned up and re-typeset by PMHS co-founder Cliff Vander Yacht. It is a far superior edition to its predecessor.

Pere Marquette Passenger Car Pictorial by Arthur B. Million.
(PMHS, 2003). Over ten years in the making, this is the ultimate book on the PM's passenger car fleet, stretching from the wooden cars built by its predecessors in 1880 to the last of the streamlined steel cars purchased by the C&O for operation in Michigan following the PM's merger into the C&O in 1947. This 300 page hardcover book nicely complements Pere Marquette Revenue Freight Cars.

This book is available directly from the Pere Marquette Historical Society.

Pere Marquette Power by Arthur Million and Thomas W. Dixon, Jr.
(COHS, 1984). This is the definitive book on the steam and diesel motive power of the PM, touching also on that of the M&NE and Fort Street Union Depot. Each class of steam and diesel locomotive is presented, with photographs and specifications. Several anecdotes regarding specific locomotives are included. Disposition information for the diesels is not as thorough as that found in Chesapeake & Ohio Diesel Locomotives. A brief section (with general arrangement drawings) describes the improvements made to the PM's McGrew (Flint), New Buffalo, Ottawa, Plymouth, Saginaw, St. Thomas (ONT), and Wyoming yards in the early '20's. A short section also covers modeling the PM's locomotives. Out of print, but may still be available from some dealers.

Pere Marquette Power (cover)

The Pere Marquette Railroad Company by Paul W. Ivey, Ph.D.
(Michigan Historical Commission, 1919, reprinted 1978 by Black Letter Press) A business and financial history, covering the financial manipulations in the early parts of the century and concludes with the PM's plan of reorganization in 1916. Dry reading. Available for $17.50 + s/h from Black Letter Press, 461 Worth Rd., Rt. 1 Moran, MI 49760.

Pere Marquette Railway HO Modeler's Reference Guide and PM Railway Bibliography by Fritz Milhaupt.
(2011-present) A listing of HO locomotive, car and structure kits appropriate for modeling a PM prototype. It is divided into sections by type of equipment and identifies models that were pre-painted for the PM (indicating whether they accurately represent PM equipment), and a listing of models that can be used as-is or with minor modifications. There is also a listing of and commentary on the PM decals that have been available over the years. Available as a free download from this web site.

Pere Marquette Revenue Freight Cars by Art Million and John Paton.
(Hundman Publishing, 2001) This extensively-illustrated 176 page book covers all of the classes of freight cars that the Pere Marquette owned and used in revenue service  from 1900 to 1947. It includes photographs, arrangement and painting diagrams and renumbering information. Of special interest are the numerous photos of car interiors and load-restraining devices seldom seen elsewhere. A very useful reference for the freight car enthusiast or the PM modeler. Hardbound.

Pere Marquette Steel Passenger Car Fleet, Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Magazine, April, 1989 by Art Million
(COHS, 1989). The most complete run-down to date of the PM’s heavyweight and streamlined passenger cars. Illustrated with equipment diagrams and photos.
Pere Marquette Wooden and Heavyweight Passenger Cars
(COHS, 1992). This is a packet of car department diagrams of passenger cars built between 1880 and the 1930s for use on the PM. COHS item #3055.
Pere Marquette Wooden Passenger Car Fleet, Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Magazine, October, 1988, by Art Million
(COHS, 1988). A thorough listing of the wooden cars owned by the PM, a task that is the more significant due to the large number of both standard and narrow gauge cars inherited by the PM upon its creation in 1900.
A Pictorial History of the C&O Train and Auto Ferries and Pere Marquette Line Steamers by Arthur Frederickson
(1965). This book covers the Lake Michigan carferry operations out of Ludington from the inception of break-bulk freighter service by the Flint and Pere Marquette through the mid-1950s. Some details of the PM's operation of the Marquette and Bessemer coal shipping operation on Lake Erie and histories of the various ships are provided.

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