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Preserved/Restored PM Rolling Stock

Updated: 10-JAN-2022

This list encompasses known former PM rolling stock restored for display, operation or non-railroad use. With the exceptions noted below, all now wear PM paint and/or markings.

Baltimore, Maryland

The B&O Railroad Museum, located at 901 West Pratt Street, contains several pieces of ex-PM equipment.

Photo by Dennis Bean-Larson.

Photo by Chuck Neal.

Flint, Michigan

PM wooden caboose #A621 on display at the Huckleberry RailroadCaboose #A621 - This caboose was removed from its previous site in Grand Blanc and moved to Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad, where it was restored and is displayed.

Photo by Bob DeClerg, DeClerg Rail Images.

Grand Haven, Michigan

The Tri-Cities Historical Society display along the Grand River features ex-PM N-1 Berkshire #1223 and a trio of rolling stock, two pieces of which are of PM origin.

Photo by Art Million


Photo by Art Million

Holland, Michigan

Manistee, Michigan


Photo by Bob DeClerg, DeClerg Rail Images.

Muskegon, Michigan

PM Caboose #A950 at Muskegon, MI Caboose #A950, cosmetically restored by the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society. This used to see occasional use on RailAmerica's Michigan  Shore Railroad. It is now owned by Muskegon County and was placed back at the former PM/PRR Muskegon depot in early September, 2001.

Shown adjacent to ex-PM/PRR Muskegon depot in 1985.

Northport, Michigan

Ex-PM caboose #A521 at Northport, MICaboose #A521 - This ex-PM caboose has sat for many years in this post-merger paint scheme along the public access ramp for Grand Traverse Bay at Northport. It sits just behind the distinctive stone ex-M&NE depot.

Owosso, Michigan

Although the centerpiece of the Steam Railroading Institute's collection is ex-PM N-1 Berkshire #1225, the Insitute owns three pieces of ex-PM rolling stock, as well.

Saginaw, Michigan

[Steel caboose #A977]Caboose #A977, at the Saginaw Railway Museum.

Shown here in the mid-1990s.

Shelby Township, Michigan

PM Caboose #A557 at Shelby Township, MI - Click here for a photo of this caboose in service.Caboose #A557, partially restored, at the Shelby Township Parks and Recreation Department Headquarters at Van Dyke and 24 Mile Roads. Retired in 1965, this caboose has moved quite a bit since arriving in Macomb County, first being part of the Whistle Stop Museum and Sign Shop in Romeo, then moving to two different park locations in Shelby Township. A557 is typical of the A300, A500 and A600-series wooden cabooses used by the PM, which shared a common layout, but differed primarily in ladder configuration and underframe construction.

During its years on the PM, it traveled the entire PM system extensively as the Weighmaster's caboose. In this role it was usually in the company of PM scale testing car #Z-3.

This caboose is preserved with a small 2-4-2 of unknown origin adjacent to a restored schoolhouse. This photo shows the pitfalls of amateur restoration efforts as evidenced by the "upside-down" railings adjacent to the steps at each end of the caboose. Presumably, the roofwalks and end ladders were removed out of concern for liability issues.

Taylor, Michigan

[Single-sheathed boxcar]89700-series Single-Sheathed Boxcar, formerly used as a toy store at Taylor Heritage park on Pardee Road. This car is preserved along with a Grand Trunk Western wooden caboose, among the historic buildings behind the Sheridan Center.

While the outline of the PM road name lettering is visible in the wood sheathing on the sides of the car, the number is indistinguishable. This car was used in maintenance-of-way service following its retirement from active freight service.

Madison, Illinois

Ex-PM Business car #1PM Business Car #1, most recently CSXT business car #15, stored at Illinois Transit Assembly. Prior to this, it was at White Sulphur Springs, West Viriginia, along with several other ex-C&O business cars. These cars were used as meeting rooms by CSX.

Number 15 was built in 1926 by Pullman for W.F. Kenney as the St. Nicholas. The PM purchased the car in 1939 and assigned it Number 1. It was renumbered 15 at the time of the C&O merger, then rebuilt (including the addition of fluted siding) in 1951. It was operated by the C&O, Chessie System and CSX until 1988, at which time it was moved to White Sulphur Springs.

In mid-2001, it was sold to a private party who moved it to Illinois and intended to refurbish it for operation.

Photo, at White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, by Art Million.


Connersville, Indiana

Imperial Salon Coach #1117Imperial Salon Coach #1117, stored behind the office, depot and gift shop of the Whitewater Valley Railroad.

Although its paint is faded, and it shows signs of rough use in maintenance-of-way service on the B&O, the PM lettering is still visible on this car.

Hilliard, Ohio

PM Caboose #A800 in Hilliard, OhioCaboose #A800, on display at the Franklin County Fairgrounds on the north edge of Hilliard, Ohio. This caboose, donated by the C&O in 1972, has had its interior restored.

Navarre, Ohio

PM Caboose #A811 in Navarre, Ohio - Click here for a larger picture.Caboose #A811, partially restored, less than one block west of the railroad crossing on State Route 21 at the south edge of Navarre, Ohio. The owner of this caboose has completely replaced the cupola. This car was recently sold.



St. Thomas, Ontario

LPS caboose #C-1, formerly PM #A600London & Port Stanley Caboose #C-1 shown here at Port Stanley, is now at the Elgin County Railway Museum in St. Thomas, undergoing restoration. This caboose was PM #A451.


Eagle Cañon Car Company

[Tavern-Lounge Car #113, Eagle Cañon at St. Albans, WV]PM Tavern-Lounge Car #113 was one of two originally ordered by the PM to add capacity to the popular Pere Marquette streamliners. Before these cars were delivered, their order was taken over by the D&RGW, which named the #113 "Eagle Cañon". Following its purchase in the 1980s by Eagle Cañon Car Company, it was restored, renumbered and repainted to the paint scheme the PM and Pullman-Standard intended. Eagle Cañon Car Company also owns sister car "Chessie Club", which actually did see service on the C&O's ex-PM lines in Michigan.

Click either here or on the photograph to see a larger version of the photo and more information about this car.

Shown at St. Albans, WV on an excursion during the 1991 NRHS National Convention in Huntington, WV.

Other Ex-PM Cabooses Still Extant

A surprisingly large number of former PM cabooses still exists. Those listed below, while still extant, are not known to be restored to their PM livery.

This list was compiled using information from Steel Cabooses of the Chesapeake & Ohio 1937-1987 by Dwight Jones, from an article on preserved wooden C&O and PM cabooses, in the September, 1992 issue of the Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Magazine, and from Roger Kirkpatrick's list of preserved C&O cabooses.

Cabooses numbered lower than #A901 are wood-sided cabooses. Cabooses numbered in the A800-series are nearly identical to the Erie's A4900-series wooden cabooses.

Number Location Site/Comments
A353 Milton, ON Ontario Electric Railway Historical Association (as London & Port Stanley #C2).
A608 Brampton, ON Unconfirmed whether this car still exists.
A609 Galesburg, MI Unconfirmed whether this car still exists.
A610 Nicholasville, KY At entrance to Riney B. Park
A616 Hamlin Lake, MI Privately owned. Along state highway M-116, in rough shape.
A801 Widen, WV Privately owned.
A802 Selbyville, DE Privately owned.
  A803 Linworth, OH Privately owned.
  A805 Orrville, OH Privately owned, possibly the un-numbered car listed for Riceland.
A810 Huntington, WV Beverly Hills Middle School, near Rt 60, Saltwell Rd
A814 Loveland, OH Loveland Church of the Nazarene. - Unconfirmed whether this car still exists.
A821 Lowmansville, KY Along old US 23, north of Paintsville.
A822 Mt. Carbon?, WV Last reported at Alloy Industrial League, but no longer there as of April, 2005.
A823 Hinton, WV Sr. Little League Baseball Club.
A8?? Riceland, OH 627 N. Kansas Road, Xpressly Imprintable Sportwear
A908 Deer Park, MD Shawnee Trading Post, Sand Flat Rd., north of Deer Park
A911 Hinton, WV City Pool
A913 Barboursville, WV East of town, US Rt 60 at Cyrus Creek Road, Donahue Bros., from Milton, West Virginia
A916 Philippi, WV Alderson-Broaddus College, athletic field
A922 Xenia, OH On display as "B&O 90922" in park.
A924 Lucinda, PA Along former Knox and Kane Railroad - still?
A951 Sanford, MI Sanford Historical Society Museum, US-10
A953 Claysville, PA At a private residence, State Rt 3017, 1.6 miles south of US 40
A961 Nappanee, IN Privately owned
A971 North Vernon, IN As "B&O C1984", City Hall Park
A981 Sabillasville, MD As 1981, Camp West Mar American Legion kids camp
A984 Hinton, WV City Park
A989 Granville, OH Formerly on the Buckeye Central, burned, likely scrapped



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