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Preserved/Restored PM Locomotives

Updated: 15-AUG-2015

This list encompasses known former PM locomotives restored for display, operation or non-railroad use, or simply preserved.

Parrish, Florida

Ex-FSUD NW5 #2 on display in Parrish, FloridaFort Street Union Depot NW5 switcher #2, at the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, Florida. Number 2 is one of only 17 NW5 switchers built by EMD (Most of the rest ended up on the Great Northern). Along with sister #1, it spent 12 years as the depot switcher for Fort Street Union Depot in Detroit, switching Wabash, PM and C&O passenger trains in and out of the terminal. During this time, both wore the PM's blue and Venetian Yellow paint in a scheme unique to the NW5s. They were serviced by the PM as part of its obligations as a tenant of Fort Street Union Depot.

After its sale to the Mississippi Export Railroad in 1959, #2 was renumbered 61 and served the MERR until it was leased and then sold to US Phosphoric Products in the mid-1970s. US Phosphoric Products successor Cargill donated it to the (then) Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum, where it is now stored in need of repair.

Photo courtesy of the Florida Railroad Museum.


Baltimore, Maryland

PM SW1 switcher #11 on display at the B&O MuseumSW1 switcher #11, at B&O Museum (901 W. Pratt Street), operable. This locomotive, restored to its "as-delivered" black and Venetian Yellow paint scheme, is used on short trips through the museum grounds.

Modifications made to this locomotive since its PM days include a twin sealed-beam headlight and full-length handrails down its sides necessitated by its years of service in the Sarnia, Ontario area.

Number 11 was one of the pieces of equipment damaged in the February 17, 2003 roof collapse at the B&O Museum. Upon removing it from the pile of debris, it was discovered to have suffered only broken glass, dents and scratches. Its damage was nowhere near comparable to the total destruction of several other older pieces in the roundhouse at the time. As a result, #11 was among the first pieces restored, in early 2004. While restoring it, the Museum staff returned #11 to near-original condition, with a single-beam headlight and its original handrail configuration. Prior to the roundhouse collapse, #11 carried the twin sealed-beam headlight and handrails along the full length of its carbody, shown above, that the C&O added to it in later years.

The PMHS contributed to the restoration of #11 by providing original lettering diagrams and paint specifications. The Society also has donated copies of its Pere Marquette Passenger Car Pictorial to the Museum Gift Shop, with all proceeds from their sale to be applied toward repaying the cost of the switcher's return to service.

Photo by Chuck Neal.


Grand Haven, Michigan

[PM Berkshire #1223 on display at Grand Haven, MI]N-1 Berkshire #1223, at Tri-Cities Historical Society display near ex-GTW coaling tower, cosmetically restored.

This locomotive was displayed for many years at the Michigan State Fairgrounds in Detroit, MI, during which time many components were removed for use in the effort to restore sister Berkshire #1225. In the early 1980s, the City of Grand Haven acquired it for display. Much hard work on the part of Pere Marquette 1223 Preservation Committee volunteers has paid off, resulting in a thorough cosmetic restoration.

In December, 2000, #1223 was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Click either here or on the photograph to see a larger version of the photo and more information about this locomotive.



Kaleva, Michigan

M&NE NW2 #3 at Suttons Bay, MI - Click for larger photoM&NE NW2 #3, formerly owned by the Leelanau Scenic Railroad. It is the last surviving locomotive from the Manistee & North Eastern.

With the closing of the Leelanau Scenic Railroad in 1994, this locomotive was sold, dismantled and moved from Greilicksville, along with the similarly-painted SW9, ex-C&O #5258, painted as LSRR #4. The new owner, an individual loosely affiliated with RailAmerica, planned to reassemble the locomotives in Traverse City, then have them moved to Saginaw, where he was to take possession of them and move them elsewhere (Vassar?) for rebuilding. This plan stalled when the crane brought onto the site during the early Summer of 1999 was unable to move the frame or trucks. All of the parts of #3 were moved to Traverse City by November, 1999; Number 4 followed in early 2000. Photos of the dismantling and moving processes can be seen on Jack Hengartner's Web site.

Number 3 sat in pieces for several years in Traverse City after being removed from the Leelanau Scenic Railroad. While at Traverse City, it was vandalized repeatedly. During the first week of January, 2005, #3 was moved by truck to Kaleva, where it has been cosmetically restored and placed on display at the Kaleva depot.

NW2 #3 at KalevaFirst photo, June, 1992 in Suttons Bay, MI by Fritz Milhaupt

Second photo, M&NE #3 at Kaleva, January 10, 2005 by Jack Hengartner


Owosso, Michigan

PM Berkshire #1225 at Erie, MI N-1 Berkshire #1225, at the Michigan State Trust for Railway Preservation facility in the former Ann Arbor Railroad Owosso yard. Restored over a period of 20 years, #1225 is the last operable PM steam locomotive, #1223 in Grand Haven and many of the other preserved Berkshires in the Midwest having provided parts for its restoration.

#1225 has been used by the MSTRP on excursions up the former NYC St. Charles branch under the auspices of the Shiawassee Valley Railroad in the early 1990s, as the centerpiece of their "Engineer for an Hour" program, and on mainline excursions in West Virginia as part of the 1991 NRHS National Convention in Huntington, WV. She has been an occasional visitor to the Durand Railroad Days festival.

After years of crumbling, the brick backshop which had housed #1225 since the early 1980s was demolished in Fall, 2000. A new home for #1225, a few hundred feet west, has been constructed as part of a new site including a new multi-stall storage building and restoration facility and featuring the turntable formerly located at the ex-PM roundhouse in New Buffalo. Information on the MSTRP's Steam Railroading Institute can be found on the MSTRP's web site.

1225 is shown at Erie, MI en route to her 1991 appearance at the NRHS National Convention in Huntington, WV.



Port Huron, Michigan

PM 2-4-0 "D.B. Harrington" - Click here for larger photoD.B. Harrington, formerly Pere Marquette "C".

The PM used a set of four three-foot gauge steam locomotives on its Almont branch during the brief period when the branch was still narrow gauge and under the PM's control. One of these, formerly PM "C", still exists.

The D.B. Harrington was built in 1879 for the Port Huron & Northwestern by Porter, Bell & Co. Following the acquisition of the PH&NW by the Flint & Pere Marquette, it served the F&PM until the Pere Marquette merger in 1900. It operated on the PM's ex-Port Huron & Southwestern Almont branch from 1900 until about 1902, at which time it was sold to the Mason & Oceana. Approximately five years later, the M&O sold it to the Beaver Island Lumber Company. From 1933 to approximately 1960, it was displayed at the Heritage Park in Traverse City. It was acquired by the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, where it received a flared smokestack cowling and an ornate paint job.

In the 1980s, the D.B. Harrington was acquired by the Port Huron Museum. It is currently stored off-display. The photo here shows it as it looked while at Cedar Point.

Thanks to T.J. Gaffney for providing the history of this locomotive.




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