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Updated: 04-JUN-2022

Due to the increasing number of ex-PM structures listed on this Web site, this section of the Web site has been broken into several pages by geographic region.

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PM Structures Still Standing In Northern Michigan

This list encompasses known former PM structures that are still standing in Michigan, in communities located north of U.S. Highway 10 and west of US-131. Many of these are not actually preserved, per se, rather they are simply standing. Structures that are in imminent danger of demolition are indicated.

In its current state, this list is not intended to represent a comprehensive list of every last ex-PM structure still standing.

Alden, Michigan

The ex-PM depot at Alden, MIThe home of this nicely-restored depot, Alden is located on the east shore of Torch Lake. Much of the business at this depot was related to the seasonal resort traffic served by such trains as the PM's Resort Special.

Following its complete restoration, inside and out, this depot now serves as the Helena Township Historical Museum and is a focal point of a lakeside park on Coy Street, just south of the center of town. The green paint scheme shown here is a close match to its original paint.

Photo by Tom Amrine.

Charlevoix, Michigan

The ex-PM depot at Charlevoix, MIThis beautifully restored wooden depot sits on a bluff overlooking Lake Charlevoix, just north of the site of the swing bridge that used to carry the PM across the channel connecting Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan.

This depot is now the property of the Charlevoix Historical Society, which intends to use it for a museum.

Photo by Tom Amrine.

Irons, Michigan

The unassuming depot at Irons is often overlooked. Train service through Irons, about 15 miles north of Baldwin, ended when the C&O switched to running its Traverse City and Petoskey-bound trains via Manistee, after the formal merger of the M&NE in 1955. The High Bridge over the Manistee River was dismantled at this time.

Photo by Tom Amrine.

Kaleva, Michigan

The ex-PM/M and NE depot at Kaleva, MIThe depot at Kaleva at one time served both the PM and the M&NE. Its angled design is a function of its location, which was originally at the point where the two railroads crossed, northwest of the intersection of Walta and Osmo streets. It has been renovated by students from Brethren High School, and has been adapted into a museum of local railroad history. An article about this museum appears in the March-April 2015 issue of PM Tracks.

Ex-M&NE NW-2 #3 was moved to this site, where it has been cosmetically restored and preserved.


Northport, Michigan

Ex-M and NE Northport, MI stone depotAt the point farthest north on the ex-M&NE's Leelanau Transit Company line, this picturesque stone depot has been restored for use as an office. It is located adjacent to the public boat launch in Northport. Also restored for use as a small shop is ex-PM wooden caboose #A521, located immediately behind this structure.

Petoskey, Michigan


Photo by Tom Amrine.

Suttons Bay, Michigan

Ex-M and NE Suttons Bay, MI stone depotRestored for use as office space, this ex-M&NE depot is located on the west side of State Highway M-22, south of its intersection with Cedar Street on the south side of Suttons Bay.

Traverse City, Michigan

Other Structures Not Pictured On This Site

The following ex-PM structures are still standing in Northern Michigan, but are not yet depicted on this site:

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