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Updated: 27-MAY-2017

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PM Structures Still Standing In Eastern Michigan

This list encompasses known former PM structures that are still standing in Michigan, east of a line running north and south through Lansing. Many of these are not actually preserved, per se, rather they are simply standing. Structures that are in imminent danger of demolition are indicated.


Allenton, Michigan

Ex-PM Berville depot at Allenton, MIThis ex-Port Huron & Southwestern depot was originally located on the west side of North Road on the south edge of Berville. It was moved during 1995 to a park along Capac Road, just south of Allenton, approximately three miles northwest of Berville, where it is being restored by volunteers working in conjunction with the Berlin Township Parks and Recreation Commission.

An article by T.J. Gaffney on this depot and the restoration effort was published in the May, 1996 issue of PM Tracks.

Bay City, Michigan

Ex-PM brick depot at Bay City, MILocated along Jefferson Street, this large brick structure was at one time slated for conversion into a restaurant by the Clara's restaurant chain.  Their plans included reconstruction of the large clock tower which used to rise above the roof on the side of the building shown in the accompanying photo. This impressive depot, along with several outbuildings (removed during the 1980s) was built in 1904. It has undergone extensive renovation and is available for rental as a meetings and events space.

Carleton, Michigan

Ex-PM brick tower at Carleton, MIThis brick tower guarded the crossing of the ex-PM and ex-DT&I lines (most recently CSX and CN North America) until it was recently closed and condemned by CSX. It sits in the northeast corner of the crossing, at the intersection of Ash and Jones Streets in the center of Carleton.

This tower was slated for demolition many years ago, but still stands.

Clio, Michigan

Ex-PM wooden depot at Clio, MIThis wooden depot stands on the north side of state highway M-57. It is currently used as a local historical museum.

Coleman, Michigan

Ex-PM wooden depot at Coleman, MIThis wooden depot sits on the south side of North Saginaw Street (Old US-10), just east of where the PM's ex-Saginaw and Mount Pleasant branch to Mount Pleasant diverged from the Ludington Subdivision main line, west of Coleman.

Fowlerville, Michigan

Grand Blanc, Michigan

Ex-PM wooden depot at Coleman, MIThis depot, at 320 Grand Blanc Road, sits angled in such a way as to suggest an earlier alignment of the PM through town. It now houses a resale shop and an electrical contractor's office.


Holly, Michigan

Brick crossing tower at Holly, MIThis brick tower stands a few blocks east of the GTW's brick passenger depot in Holly, on the north side of the junction of CN North America's Detroit-Durand route and CSX's Toledo-Saginaw route. It has been unmanned for many years.

Photo by Paul Quintus

Novi, Michigan

Depot at Novi, MINovi Depot - Although this depot is less than fifty feet from the Grand River Avenue overpass, it is easily overlooked by passing motorists. It is on the property of a feed and fertilizer dealer south of Grand River Avenue, west of Novi Road, and appears to be unused.

Owosso, Michigan

PM turntable formerly at New Buffalo, at Owosso, MINew Buffalo Turntable - Until mid-2001, this 90-foot turntable sat in front of the roundhouse at New Buffalo, Michigan. It was acquired by the Michigan State Trust for Railway Preservation, moved to Owosso and extended ten feet. It has been installed and is now used to turn the locomotives at the Steam Railroading Institute.

Plymouth, Michigan

Saginaw, Michigan




St. Louis, Michigan

Ex-PM St. Louis, MI depotAfter being used as a storage building for the Mid-Michigan Railroad, in July, 1999 this depot became the home of the St. Louis Area Historical Society. It sits along the east-west portion of the former "Turkey Trail" line between Saginaw and Grand Rapids. It sits at 110 Crawford Street, just east of the US-27 Business Route, south of downtown.

Sanford, Michigan

Ex-PM Sanford, MI depotThe Sanford Historical Society now owns this wood frame structure, built in 1870 and moved to the grounds of the Sanford Centennial Museum, located on the north side of old US-10 on the west bank of the Tittabawassee River. The Sanford Centennial Museum also features a former Michigan Maple Sugar Company switcher, ex-PM steel caboose #A951, an ex-Chessie boxcar, and an ex-C&O wooden caboose.

Williamston, Michigan

Ex-PM Williamston, MI depotThe Williamston depot now sits on a lot along Grand River Avenue, where it now serves as the Williamston Depot Museum. Through the efforts of a groups called the Shagbark Questers No. 999, it was moved from its South Putnam Street location and renovated.

Photo by Eddie Gross, Eddie's Michigan Railroads. Used with permission.

Other Structures Not Pictured On This Site

The following ex-PM structures are still standing in Eastern Michigan, but are not yet depicted on this site:

Saginaw, MI roundhouse    

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