EMD Design Dept. artwork proposal for NW2 switcher #55This roster encompasses the diesel locomotives owned or ordered by the Pere Marquette from the time of the merger that created it in 1900 until its merger into the Chesapeake & Ohio in 1947. This roster does not include locomotives ordered by the C&O for use on ex-PM lines.

It is interesting to note that while the PM purchased a large number of its steam locomotives from ALCo, it did not purchase a single ALCo diesel. Instead, the PM bought locomotives produced by a division of its largest single customer, General Motors. Had EMD offered a switcher in the 70-ton weight range, it is likely that switchers #20-22 would not have been purchased from GE.

Class Road
Builder Model First On
Last Off
DE-1 10 EMC SW1 1939 post-merger "Phase I" SW1.
DE-1a 11 EMD SW1 1942 post-merger "Phase II" SW1. Currently preserved at the B&O Museum in Baltimore.
DES-4 20-22 GE A70T 1947 post-merger Early design 70-ton switcher, without front radiator grille.
DE-2 51-54 EMD NW2 1942-43 post-merger "Phase I" NW2.
DE-2 55-64 EMD NW2 1945-46 post-merger "Phase II" NW2.
D-15 80-85 EMD BL2 1948 post-merger These locomotives were ordered by the PM, but not delivered until after the merger. Consequently, they were delivered from EMD with C&O lettering on the PM-inspired paint scheme.
DEP-1 101-102 EMD E7A 1946 post-merger "Phase I" E7A, with small numberboards.
DEP-2 103-108 EMD E7A 1947 post-merger "Phase II" E7A, with angled numberboards.

Data for this roster were culled from PM equipment diagrams and Pere Marquette Power by Art Million and Tom Dixon. For more detailed information on the locomotives of the Pere Marquette, refer to Pere Marquette Power.

E7 #101 on the turntable at Wyoming
New E7A #101 on the turntable at Wyoming, May, 1946.
Robinson Studio photo, John R. Milhaupt collection.


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