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Updated: 19-JUN-2021

The Pere Marquette Historical Society, Inc. (PMHS) Web site is designed, written and maintained by John F. ("Fritz") Milhaupt for the purpose of disseminating information about the Pere Marquette Historical Society and the Pere Marquette Railway (and Pere Marquette Railroad) via the World Wide Web on the Internet. The Pere Marquette Historical Society, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization incorporated in the State of Michigan and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. The Pere Marquette Historical Society, Inc. is not formally affiliated with CSX Transportation, Inc., the Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society, Inc. or the Michigan State Trust for Railway Preservation, Inc.

All materials on this site are the original work of the author, or of others who have granted permission to use their written or photographic material on this site for the promotion of the PMHS and the dissemination of information about the Pere Marquette Railroad.

All original material on this site is Copyright © 1997-2021, John F. Milhaupt on behalf of teh Pere Marquette Historical Society, Inc, All Rights Reserved, with the exception of materials provided by others who have agreed to the use of their works on this site, and who shall be considered to retain the appropriate copyrights to said material. By making the materials on this site available on the World Wide Web, the authors specifically do not relinquish the protection of these materials under U.S. copyright law.

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We encourage our fellow Webmasters to create links to this Web site from theirs. Similarly, we maintain links to other related sites on the Related Links page on this site. In order to ensure that the links provided on this site are to other sites containing information of interest to the Pere Marquette Railway enthusiast, we reserve the right to review any link requests in order to determine the appropriateness of such a link, before accepting or refusing the request.

The Webmaster and the Pere Marquette Historical Society specifically disclaim any and all responsibility for the content found on external Web sites which may be reached via links from this site. These sites are neither owned nor maintained by the Pere Marquette Historical Society, Inc. and for that reason, we specifically disclaim liability for their content, or the consequences of downloading or using any materials you may encounter on these sites. We have not examined these sites for the presence of malicious software or improperly-used copyrighted material, and remind you that visiting any web site is done at your own risk.

The views and policies of sites linked from this site necessarily reflect those of the Pere Marquette Historical Society, Inc. or John F. Milhaupt.

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Guests to this site are granted the right to reproduce the text, graphic or HTML content of this site solely for their own personal, non-commercial use, or for use in publishing reviews of this site. If you wish to use any of the text, graphic or HTML content of this site for other than strictly personal use, or for re-publication as part of another Web site, please contact the Webmaster via e-mail at for permission.

Statement of Visitor Confidentiality

This site does not make use of "cookies" or other means to track visitors' usage. Similarly, this site does not perform any actions designed to harvest information about any visitors from their Internet browser software, as it is the opinion of the Webmaster that absent any compelling reason to do so for the benefit of visitors to this site, such actions are an invasion of visitors' privacy.

In a like manner, the confidentiality of e-mail addresses on inquiries directed to the Webmaster shall be respected and not disclosed to other parties without the permission of the owners of those addresses. This policy specifically does not apply to unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE) received by the Webmaster, which he shall treat as he sees fit.

The publication of any e-mail addresses on this Web site is intended to facilitate communication among parties specifically interested in the Pere Marquette Railway, its predecessors and successors. Publication of e-mail addresses on this site specifically does not constitute permission to send UBE to those addresses.

These policies apply only to this Web site, and do not necessarily reflect the views and/or policies of the Webmasters of other sites which may be reached by links from this site.



This site is officially a non-combatant in the "Browser Wars." As its mission is to simply convey information in a straightforward manner, it has been deliberately designed in such a way as to be compatible with the greatest number of browsers currently in use. For this reason,  we have made every effort to minimize the need for browser plug-ins, and would not dream of trying to dictate which browser you use in order to view our site.

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